Best New Romance Movies - 2017


Who doesn’t love a good romance movie? Over past decades there have been some amazingly romantic movies released in theaters and on VHS, DVD and BluRay. Viewers go to the theater expecting to see a ‘feel good’ movie, with a few laughs thrown in, and come away feeling happy and satisfied that they got their monies worth of romance. 2017 is set to provide a number of movies that are likely to satisfy the romantic at heart.

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Carrie PilbyCarrie Pilby (To Be Released March 31 2017) Romantic Comedy – Somewhat opinionated, spoiled brat and new Harvard grad Carrie has a trust fund and a Manhattan studio apartment but at 19 is left to fend for herself when her father moves away. Friend of the family Dr. Petrov, a therapist, is on hand to offer emotional support when Carrie is finding the world she is now moving around in to be full of “oversexed hypocrites”. In an effort to help Carrie make her way in life her father enlists the aid of Dr. Petrov to turn Carrie into a ‘normal’ young woman, with friends and a satisfying career. The good Dr. gives Carrie a list of tasks to perform within a set timeframe, one of them being to ‘make a new friend’. The movie follows Carrie’s antics as she attempts to complete her task list.

Walk of FameWalk of Fame (Released March 24 2017) Romantic Comedy – Boy meets girl, boy goes to extraordinary lengths to win girl’s heart. In this case the young man, Drew, is stuck in a job that is going nowhere and lamenting the fact that he is without a girlfriend to brighten up his somewhat mundane life, meets a pretty flight attendant (Nikki) who has great hopes of being a Hollywood star. In an effort to pursue Nikki Drew signs up for acting classes only to find himself thrust into a world of crazy people all following the acting dream, coached by the two craziest of them all (Malcolm McDowell and Chris Kattan). Can he survive acting lessons long enough to win Nikki’s heart?

Beauty and the BeastBeauty and the Beast (Released March 17 2017) Romantic Drama (Musical) – In this live-action version of the Disney classic box office hit, the beautiful Belle (played by Emma Watson), upon hearing of her father’s capture by the hideous beast (Dan Stevens) endeavors to rescue him, only to swap places with her father so he can be free. Just as in the animated version what are normally inanimate objects appear to ‘come to life’ and tell Belle of the curse the beast is living under. As is typical of Disney storylines there is a happy-ever-after but only after Belle and the beast come to know each other better and Belle realizes that underneath the hideous exterior lies a heart as warm and kind as her own.

Everything, EverythingEverything, Everything (To Be Released May 19 2017) Romantic Drama – Having lived the first 17 years of her life within the confines of her home, Maddy suffers from the “bubble baby disease”, a particularly severe immunodeficiency. For years the only two people she has had contact with are her mother and her nurse, Carla. Despite being allergic to almost everything imaginable Maddy begins to dream of having a normal boy-girl relationship with the new boy who moves in next door, Olly. Their friendship develops through texts and seeing each other through windows, until their relationship reaches the point where they strive to be together regardless of the cost.

Paris Can WaitParis Can Wait (To Be Released May 12 2017) Romance – Feeling neglected by her very successful Hollywood producer husband (Alec Baldwin) Ann (Diane Lane) embarks on what is supposed to be a 7 hour car journey from Cannes to Paris with a business associate of her husband’s (Arnaud Viard). What should be a simple sharing of a car ride turns into a fun-filled two days of wining and dining, sightseeing, lots of laughs and a touch of romance. While Ann is finding herself having fun and feeling more alive than she has in years the conflict starts to build inside her as she finds herself, a married woman, attracted to another man.

The Wedding Plan (To Be Released May 12 2017) Romantic Comedy – With only a month left before her wedding day an Orthodox Jewish woman (Noa Kooler) finds herself single once again when her fiancé backs out of the engagement. Determined to find love and a suitable husband she continues with her wedding plans, enlisting the aid of two matchmakers to find her ‘true love’. A series of horrible blind dates leave her feeling less sure of her ability to find her husband-to-be until she meets a pop star who charms her. Completely unsuitable, she nevertheless discovers a ‘connection’ with him (Oz Zehavi) and proceeds with her plans despite the shock and horror of friends and family.